Access to VRM Lookup at a fraction of the cost

Leading Data Sources

MotorCheck and MotorSpecs are experts in vehicle data, we provide all of the data you need into one easy to work with API.

Reduced Cost

By utilizing one central API for your automotive data you can eliminate the cost of unwanted database licenses and their associated maintenance.

Secure and Reliable

Our API data is delivered via SSL. Clients are allocated a secure client ID and secret with access to the API controlled using OAuth 2. In addition, the API uses a robust AWS infrastructure including eight separate large EC2 instances with load balancing and Elastic Cache in place to ensure quick response times and availability.

Easy Integration

We make use of the latest web-friendly technologies to ensure developers find it easy to set up and work with our API. Along with detailed documentation, our technical and data teams are on hand to support you with any assistance you might require.

Speed & Availability

Request response times are less than 500 milliseconds on average according to our monitoring. We provide response data for 96% of valid VRM enquiries. We guarantee to 99.5% up time. We provide a minimum of 2 days advance notice of any planned maintenance. Planned maintenance requiring downtime will be carried out between the hours of midnight and 4am.

Free Trial

If you have any data requirements that make a good fit for our API, please contact us today for a free trial. We'll assess your needs have you set up with a trial account in no time.

What APIs do we offer?

Quickly and accurately identify any UK registered vehicle. With our Identity API you can access over 100 fields of information including Make, Model, CC, Fuel Type, Body Style, Date of Registration and Colour.

Looking for data of a technical nature? Engine Specifications, Weights & Dimensions, Power and Towing Capacities as well as MPG Stats, CC and CO2 data are all available in the Technical Data VRM Lookup by MotorSpecs.

Identify the running costs by VRM and mileage for any Irish or UK registered car under Maintenance, Fuel, Tax, Finance and annual Insurance.

Get accurate market values from MotorCheck's market leading valuation engine. Private sale, Part Exchange, Auction and Trade Values are available instantly from this API by VRM Lookup.

This web service allows you to integrate our market leading history check data into third party systems via API including items such as write-off check, finance check, stolen check, mileage check and more.

Get a finance check via API and integrate with third party systems including finance database results and verification processing of false positives.

MotorCheck's ground breaking Build Specs API allows you to retrieve the actual factory build specification including fitted optional extras for 22 different brands. This data provides valuable insight for the Trade when appraising used vehicles.

A web service that performs complicated finance calculations as well as an estimation of the ‘loan to value’ ratio of a current agreement and full amortization schedule of the agreement.

When dealing with used imports from the UK a reliable VRT calculation is a must for you and your customers. Integrate MotorCheck's VRT calculator with this API.

In addition to used vehicles MotorCheck can provide full vehicle table data and version configuration data on all new models available in 57 countries globally via one easy to integrate API.

If we have not got an API that suits your requirements our in house technical development team can specify and build an API that is custom fitted for your exact requirements.

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