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Why do you need a Car History Check?

Correct identity?

In Ireland and the UK 'stolen' vehicles, 'clones' and 'ringers' are offered for sale every day.

Written Off?

Every year there are more than 50,000 vehicles written-off in Ireland and over 500,000 in the UK.

Been clocked?

1 in 5 vehicles have mileage discrepancies. Our mileage checks & investigations give piece of mind.

Under Finance?

A bank may repossess vehicles on finance if the owner does not clear the balance after selling.

What do our checks include?

The right vehicle every time! Avoid buying a 'stolen" vehicle 'clone' or 'ringer' by verifying the VIN, logbook & certificate numbers. More >

Don't inherit someone else's debt and risk repossession. Find out about any finance owed on a vehicle before you buy it. More >

Find out if the vehicle has been scrapped or if an insurer has ever written off the vehicle and categorised it as a 'total loss'. More >

With access to hundreds of millions of mileage records, including INMR, MOT, DVLA & Service Records, verifying a vehicle's mileage is easy with MotorCheck. More >

Is it a lemon? Find out how many owners there have been as well as how long the current and previous owners kept the car. More >

Was it imported? Every MotorCheck history report automatically includes the full history from the UK or Northern Ireland if the vehicle has been imported. More >

Verify the correct identity of the vehicle using its official numbers and find out if the vehicle is on MotorCheck's stolen register or the UK Police Stolen database. More >

Is the vehicle road worthy? Check the latest information from national road-worthiness tests performed on the vehicle in Ireland and the UK. More >

Has the engine been replaced? Check the official engine number of the vehicle to check if the engine has been replaced? More >

Has the colour ever changed? A colour change can indicate previous damage repairs. Check if there has ever been a change in the vehicle colour. More >

Is it road legal? Check if the vehicle is currently taxed for road use or if there were ever gaps in the previous taxation records. More >

Was it ever used as a Taxi or Hackney? Check the current usage status of the vehicle and if it was ever used as a taxi or hackney. More >

What is the value of any used car? Get an independent, expert opinion on the current market value of the vehicle adjusted for its current mileage. More >

Is the car still covered under warranty? Get key details about the Manufacturer's Warranty and the amount of time remaining under each category. More >

MotorCheck report include much more data including Euro-NCAP safety ratings, Vehicle recall data, Running costs, CO2 emissions ratings and technical details about the vehicle. More >

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Why Choose MotorCheck?

€30,000 Guarantee on every MotorCheck report

Only MotorCheck provides a guarantee with it's data. Every History Check and Full Check comes with a data guarantee for your protection up to the value of €30,000.

The only Car History Check operating in Ireland and the UK

MotorCheck is the only vehicle history check provider that has a presence in both Ireland and the UK, ensuring the best coverage and expertise in both markets for your protection.

Superior data coverage coupled with excellent customer service

We have been operating in the Automotive sector longer than any other provider in Ireland. Our industry relationships mean that the depth of Write-Off & Mileage data provide by MotorCheck is unsurpassed.

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