The free car check provided by consists of a basic identity check of the vehicle so that customers can view the basic details of a vehicle on screen.  This allows users of the Motorcheck service to ensure that the reg they have entered corresponds with the vehicle they are interested in.  If you make a typo when inputting the reg simply try again by inputting the correct reg and verifying that the vehicle identity details displayed on the screen correspond with the vehicle you are interested in.

What does the free car check contain?

The free vehicle identity check from will tell you the following details about the vehicle:

  • A brief Vehicle Description including the Make, Model and Version
  • The Body Type including the number of doors and body description
  • The Fuel Type of the vehicle (EG: Pertol, Diesel etc.)
  • The Transmission Type of the vehicle (EG: Manual, Auto etc.)
  • The Colour of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle was imported from the UK we will display an alert on the free check screen to this effect
  • We will also show the number of records we hold on the vehicle (but please note that this includes ALL vehicle records and not just negative ones)
  • Finally the free car check will also display the report options available to purchase from

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