Yes of course. A Motorcheck history report will tell you if the car has an NCT certificate and when it’s due to expire.

It’s very important that any used car you may be thinking of buying has passed the NCT test. If the Motorcheck report shows that the NCT is not current we always recommend a more thorough physical inspection of the car to reduce the risk of incurring expensive repair costs after purchase”

Why is a valid NCT important?

In 2011, 4,325 cars were failed under the heading ‘Fail Dangerous’ and a whopping 482,301 were failed as ‘Fail Refusal’. The main points of failure included Front Suspension and Brake Problems which are dangerous faults and can be expensive to repair.

This is why as a buyer you should always verify with Motorcheck that the car you’re thinking of buying has an NCT certificate along with when it’s due to expire. Purchasing a Motorcheck report is an excellent way of verifying this.

Not only do we give you the facts about the registration number we also give you the opportunity to verify the cars certificate number against the official database. This quick check could help you to avoid buying a car with a fake NCT Certificate and save you thousands in repair bills. With Motorcheck you can compare the NCT Certificate number from the disc diplayed on the car with the official NCT Number on file in our database.

Start now with a Free Vehicle Identity Check and see if the car has been through an NCT test at a registered NCT centre.

Please be aware of the limitations: Please note our reports currently provide NCT testing data on passenger vehicles. Our reports do not provide CVRT testing data for commercial vehicles. If you have purchased a report on a commercial vehicle and wish to obtain its CVRT status and expiry please contact us.

Find Out

  • Is the car NCT Passed?
  • When was the test done?
  • When will it expire?
  • Is the Certificate genuine?

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