The best way to check if a document (EG: Logbook or NCT Cert) has been forged is to check all of the identification numbers in order to authenticate them.

The Motorcheck database contains a record of the original chassis (VIN) number for each vehicle as it was recorded at first registration and the NCT certificate number issued by the test centre.

When you request a Motorcheck report you will have the option of comparing each number against the Motorcheck database. If the number that you input doesn’t match the actual number, Motorcheck will alert you and advise further action before completing any final purchase of the vehicle.

NOTE: You should always compare the physical VIN number on the vehicle against the number on the vehicle registration certificate (Logbook) and then input this into your Motorcheck report. This way you can compare it against the official number on file with the Department of Transport verify that the registration number you’re checking is the correct one for the car its attached to.

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Find Out

  • If the Vehicle Registration Certificate number matches the official number on file
  • If the Vehicle Registration Certificate (logbook) is forged
  • If the physical VIN  on the vehicle and on the logbook matches the official VIN on file
  • If the NCT Certificate number matches the official number on file
  • If the NCT Certificate (logbook) is forged

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