Yes of course. When it comes to choosing your next car it’s very important that you’re fully aware of all the safety implications.

Only Motorcheck provides you with the vehicle’s original Euro-NCAP safety ratings for all vehicles that have successfully received a rating from the official Euro-NCAP test centre.”

What is the Euro-NCAP Rating?

Euro-NCAP is recognised as the de-facto safety performance rating for motor vehicles in Europe. Its aim is to provide motoring consumers – both drivers and the automotive industry – with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of all cars sold in Europe.


Where can I check car safety?

If you are concerned about vehicle safety it is very important to determine what Euro-NCAP rating the vehicle originally received. Every Motorcheck history report contains the vehicles NCAP ratings so you have all the facts before making a final decision.

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Which are the Euro-NCAP scores available?

  • Euro-NCAP Scores for:
    • Adult Protection
    • Child Protection
    • Pedestrian Protection
    • Safety Assist

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