Yes of course. A HPI Check for outstanding finance may be purchased individually or as part of the ‘Full Check’ report from Motorcheck. Remember it’s the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all finance is clear before purchasing a car.

If you purchase a vehicle without a Motorcheck report you run the risk of having your car seized by the bank to whom the finance is owing, leaving you without a vehicle and in the difficult position of trying to track down the original seller!

How does a HPI check work?

When you order a finance check with Motorcheck we take the registration number of the car you’re considering buying and check its status against the central HPI finance database which is updated by every financial institution in Ireland.

The entire process is completed instantly and if any of the banks queried show that they have an interest in the vehicle you will be informed immediately and instantly protected from buying a car that a bank still has ownership over.

Can Motorcheck do a finance check directly with the bank?

It’s not uncommon for a Bank to be slow in removing the record of a settled finance agreement from the HPI database. This results in a finance check that indicates outstanding finance when in fact the agreement has already been settled.

This is why Motorcheck offers each customer the opportunity to have their finance check verified directly with the bank at no additional cost. All you have to do is click on the ‘update’ link within your report. Our customer service team will contact the bank on your behalf and seek confirmation of the Finance Check result.

Start your HPI Car Finance Check today – simply enter the reg number onto the main form and hit the ‘Go’ button for access to an Irish Finance check.

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