Yes, the Motorcheck database contains a record of the original engine number for each vehicle when it was recorded at first registration so you can check has the engine been replaced. Determining whether the current engine is the original one is a simple matter of comparing the two numbers which you can do once you’ve purchased your car check report.

If a car has had its engine replaced it’s important that you find out why. Some important questions to consider would be - What was wrong with the original engine? Was the replacement bought new or second hand? Was it fitted by a main dealer? Was it refurbished in any way and is there a warranty in place?”

Only after you have a thorough understanding of the reasons behind the change should you consider buying the car. If you are in any doubt about the mechanical condition of a car we strongly recommend a professional pre-purchase inspection.

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What else can I find out about the engine?

  • What engine number on file as the official number
  • If it has changed from the original number
  • Compare against the physical engine number

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