Yes of course, where readings are available we can check if the mileage on a car has been clockedOne of the reasons Irish buyers rely on Motorcheck over any other car history provider is our unrivaled ability to spot a clocked car but please be aware of the limitations.

What exactly is car clocking?

Car clocking involves tampering with the odometer in order to falsify the mileage on a car or vehicle. Clocking is a widespread problem in both Ireland and the UK.

Motorcheck was the first car history service to establish a national mileage register for Ireland and we help thousands of car buyers to avoid buying a clocked car every year.”

What is the National Mileage Register?

When you buy a Motorcheck report you will have access to over 8 million Irish odometer readings and 100 Million UK readings.

Your cars current registration number (along with any previous registrations it may have had) is checked against the entire database for any evidence of a mileage discrepancy which may indicate that the vehicle has been clocked.

Please note – this service is only available via the official Motorcheck website.

A MotorCheck report saved James McEvoy thousands

“The seller was selling for €13,150. It had only 70,000 miles on it with a full BMW service history. “You will want this car as soon as you see it” he said. I thought this was the one but how wrong was I!”

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Find Out:

  • If mileage has been recorded previously
  • The readings recorded and dates of readings
  • If any mileage discrepancies can be highlighted, ie: Was it clocked?
  • What dates the mileage discrepancies occurred

Please be aware of the limitations

Of course it’s worth noting that odometer readings can only be supplied where there are previous odometer readings available for the vehicle. Whilst MotorCheck cannot guarantee that we have odometer readings for all vehicles in Ireland and the UK (nor do we guarantee to have a complete mileage history for all vehicles), we are without a doubt the leading authority on clocked cars in Ireland and have the largest amount of mileage history available to our customers. Where we do have previous odometer readings and a discrepancy exists, this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle has been clocked. If the is a discrepancy highlighted on your report and you want to verify if the information is correct then please contact us ( OR 01-4407200) and we will perform an investigation. You may also be interested in our blog post about how to deal with Mileage Discrepancies.

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