Your Motorcheck report will show if the car tax is current in Ireland as well as the expiry date of its existing disc and the expiry dates of previous discs (where available).

If the car tax has expired Motorcheck will tell you how long it has been out of date. Your report will also highlight any gaps in the vehicle’s previous tax history where it may have been off the road.

If a car hasn’t been taxed for a long period it’s important you find out why. Maybe it was undergoing repairs or has been on the market for an extended period of time? Facts which may help you when considering a purchase.”

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Find Out

  • Is the tax current?
  • When will it expire?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are there gaps in its Motor Tax history indicating a period of non-use?

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Why it is important to check car tax?

"Man made a fake tax disc on his home computer" -

Thursday November 03 2011 A POLISH national who made a fake tax disc on his home computer was convicted and fined at Fermoy District Court last week. Michal Andrzejewski (48), with an address at 32 Uplands, Fermoy, was convicted of creating and displaying a false instrument and for not having a valid tax disc by Judge Olann Kelleher. Inspector Tony O'sullivan told the court that on August 21 at 9.30am a Garda checkpoint at Fermoy stopped a 2001 silver Peugeot 607. The garda at the checkpoint noticed that the tax disc on the car was discoloured, and on closer inspection it lacked security features. The defendant gave a voluntary statement in which he admitted he made the disc up on his computer, and it transpired the car had not been taxed since April 2009. The defendant had no previous and has since back taxed the car. The defendant's solicitor Matt Bermingham said his client realised the seriousness of the offence and fully cooperated with gardaí, admitting what he did at the first opportunity. He said his client is a 48-year-old divorced man who sends €400 a month to his children in Poland. "He was short of money at the time and knows what he did was wrong," he said. Judge Kelleher handed down two €500 fines for creating and displaying the false disc and €400 for not having a tax disc.

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