Yes, at MotorCheck we understand that many of our customers would benefit from expert assistance in carrying out a technical inspection on a used vehicle.

Sometimes our customers like to have the extra assurance that comes from a qualified mechanic or automotive engineer before making the final purchase decision and parting with their hard-earned cash.

Sometimes there are alerts like a previous write-off alert or a mileage discrepancy that our customers would like to investigate further, especially if they are in the unfortunate position of having already bought the car and only checked it retrospectively.  In these cases an engineers report on the vehicle can be crucial to assessing the extent of the damage and whether it has been repaired to a good standard. Our engineers can also provide a certificate of road worthiness where required.

Mechanic or Automotive Engineer

No matter what scenario may arise MotorCheck has a panel of trusted mechanics and automotive engineers throughout the island or Ireland that can carry out a mechanical inspection or a full engineers inspection. This service is available at preferential prices for MotorCheck customers.

If this service is of interest just contact our support team. We'll take some details and will put the appropriate partner in touch with you.

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