Despite what you read in online adverts, not every car has had ’1 lady owner from new’! Thankfully your Motorcheck report will include a full used car history, including the number of previous owners that have been recorded in Ireland and (in the case of an imported car) the UK.

Your report also includes the last date of sale so you can check this against the details given by the current seller.

"Where Motorcheck believes that the number of owners in your used car history report is above average for the vehicle’s age, you will be alerted”.

This means that a potentially problematic vehicle can be avoided before potentially costing you dearly later on.

Motorcheck offers the most comprehensive car history reports available in Ireland, including instant warranty checks, manufacturer recall checks, car finance checks and much more.

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What is included in the report?

  • How many owners have there been?
  • How many Garages have kept it?
  • When did it change hands?
  • Is the number of owners above average?

Are personal details of previous owners available?

Personal details such as names and addresses of previous owners are "personal data" and therefore these details are not available to any third parties due to Data Protection legislation.

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