An Post Trials Electric Post Vans on City Routes

Having just returned from the Geneva Motor Show where the all electric Renault Zoe was causing quite a stir I was surprised to read that closer to home An Post and Renault Ireland are joining forces in Ireland’s first ever on-the-road trial of electrically powered post vans.
The detailed like-for-like study will compare the energy/fuel efficiency, maintenance costs and overall performance of the Renault Kangoo Z.E. (electric) mini van against its traditional diesel counterpart over designated city postal routes in Dublin, Cork and Galway over the next 12 months.
As you'd expect An Post operates one of Ireland’s largest fleets with over 2,700 vehicles ranging from smaller vans to large articulated vehicles.  If you thought your fuel bill was high consider that An Post uses more than 7.5 million litres of diesel annually and in 2011, the company’s fleet-related fuel costs were in the region of €10 million. I'm sure any savings an all electric vehicle might generate will be welcome here.
Turns out that cost efficiency and environmental sustainability are the driving forces behind the trial:

Donal Connell
Donal Connell
We are unique in how much of the country we cover every working day, delivering to 2.1 million business and home addresses in all kinds of terrain, through all types of weather. An Post is constantly introducing more efficient and more effective ways of working but new methods have to balance environmental and economic sustainability.

We’re very pleased to be conducting this like-for-like trial with this calibre of vehicle and we’re looking forward to reviewing the data with Renault Ireland over the coming months,” he added.

Donal Connell, Chief Executive - An Post

Eric Basset, Managing Director of Renault Ireland reconfirmed its commitment to the success of the electric vehicle in Ireland:

Eric Basset
Eric Basset
We are delighted to launch this trial with An Post, the first of its type with the Renault Kangoo Z.E. in Ireland. The data established will be of great benefit to other companies looking at incorporating Renault EVs into their fleet as we have best offering of electric vehicles in terms of price, choice, benefits and range. The Renault Network of dealerships in Ireland is fully trained in all aspects relating to electric vehicles from technical training to sales and after sales training.

Ireland is an ideal test bed in terms of the size of the country, as the average daily commute is less than 40km, the incentives are in place and the vehicles are now here and ready to drive”.

Eric Basset, Managing Director - Renault Ireland

The Renault Kangoo Z.E. postvans will be tested on a variety of An Post mails collection and delivery routes and each vehicle’s energy usage and overall running costs monitored alongside those of the diesel model, of which An Post has currently 940 in its fleet.

maurice mcdermott - September 21, 2012 at 12:32 am
Work for an post just like thousands of people like wise. Any help possible to become electric car owner proving people can commute to work reliably will be the key to wide spread take up of electric cars. The ultimate reassurance to the public that this is not the future to be proved but is possible now and makes sense in a recession. I work in Dublin mail centre with about 1000 people in this central sorting office for Ireland. As you are already in business with an post fleet it would make easier to move into transport for an post staff. Any help in this matter greatly appreciated. Many thanks, maurice.