New car sales January 2014 reach highest levels since 2008

New car sales January 2014 are up 32.6% when compared with January 2013

The latest figures from for new car sales January 2014 show the Irish market is up 32.6%. A great start to 2014 sees new car numbers higher than every year since 2008. This bodes well for the Irish motor trade as it looks to mirror the upturn which took place in the UK Motor Trade last year where they had their best full year since 2007.
The new car registration figures finished the month on 22,915 units, up from 17,280 in January 2013. These figures represent the best start the Irish Motor Trade has experienced in six years.

Positive Outlook

With the economy on the rebound registrations of New Commercials are also showing very positive growth, up 43.7% over January 2013 with the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Caddy and Citroen Berlingo the top sellers. This all augurs well for the Motor Industry in 2014 with total sales of 85,000 units being widely predicted in the trade. At this early stage of the year some are even saying that this may be conservative. I would be reasonably confident that the new dual registration system in place will ensure that the second half of the year will be much stronger than in previous years and this should mean that 2014 will deliver the best new car sales since 2008.

A Note Of Caution

The used car market is just as buoyant. However the shortage in 3-5 year old Irish registered cars on sale continues to contribute to the growth in used car imports, which are up 39% (4,857 units) over January 2013 (3,492 units). A note of caution must be sounded however, as warned that it has seen an increase in the numbers of clocked and written off vehicles in circulation as unscrupulous individuals take advantage of stock shortages. Consumers considering the purchase of a used car need to protect themselves from clocking, badly repaired write-offs and vehicles under finance and ought to carry out an online car check before parting with their money.
On the New Car front Volkswagen start the year as they finished 2013 with the Volkswagen Golf as top model. Toyota start the year as the Manufacturer with most new car registrations in January 2014.
New Car Registrations - Stats Highlights:

  • New car sales up 32.6% for January 2014 over the same month in 2013
  • Toyota continues its strong start from the first days of 2014 as top manufacturer, followed by Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Ford respectively
  • The Volkswagen Golf was the top model followed by the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus and Hyundai ix35
  • New Commercial vehicle registrations started very strong up 43.7% over the same month last year with Ford and Volkswagen respectively (Ford Transit and VW Caddy) number one and number two in the make and model categories.

Used Car Imports - Stats Highlights:

  • Used car imports are up 39% with 4,857 units registered over the 3,492 units registered in January 2013.
  • The Ford Focus maintains the number 1 spot in January 2014, the Volkswagen Passat & Golf are in 2nd and 3rd respectively with the Audi A4 slipping to number 4. The BMW 5 Series takes the final spot in the top five.
  • Used Commercial imports are up a 7.9% over January 2013 with Ford and Citroen carrying the top two spots for both Make and Model respectively (Ford Transit and Citroen Berlingo). This continues where the market left off in 2013