Motorcheck Used Car Guide: Santa's Sleigh

Years built: Not quoted
Bodystyles: Various, but usually an open-top tourer with a curved dash and skis

What is it?

Well, it’s just one of the ultimate forms of transport isn’t it? Much as the original Land Rover was first designed as a piece of agricultural machinery before becoming a fashion icon, so the santa's sleigh was first designed as a means of getting about the North Pole before becoming a symbol of hope and joy to so many.
You won’t find many around on the used market, in spite of the fact that companies such as Ford and Jaguar have frequently had a go at designing a new one, but if you can track one down, then a little bit of magic awaits…

Which one should I buy?

Santa`s Sleigh 1That’s a tricky question, and it probably depends on what you want to use it for. If you’re a classicist, the only the original 12rp (Reindeer Power) version, finished in a shade we can best describe as ‘Ferrari Red’ will do. It has seats for two, maybe three at a pinch (and that probably depends on how rotund the driver is and how many layers of fur he’s wearing). It’s unclear exactly how the Sleigh engineers managed to fit all that space in, but it could be something to do with elf magic or pixie dust (neither of which are quoted on the standard equipment list). Viewing one can be tricky, and they don’t come up much at auction, but have a look at either The Santa Clause or Elf on the telly over the holiday period and you’ll get the idea.
There were rumours, most spread about by the animated adventure Arthur Christmas, that a new model Sleigh had been introduced, with hypersonic speed abilities, stealth mode, trick electronic controls and cupholders. That’s never been substantiated but apparently Tesla founder Elon Musk is on the lookout for one.
How much should I spend? It’s hard to say. Try being good all year and see where that gets you.
Here’s one we found:
Santa's sleigh Mk1. One owner. Approx 6,789,425,3360-miles. Includes two spare reindeer, plus harnesses. Contact S. Claus esq on Finland 2336-340. €POA.

What goes wrong?

Santa`s Sleigh 3Well, those reindeer can be tricky and they get pretty lazy and snappy if you don’t keep a regular supply of carrots handy. We’d definitely recommend plenty of stop-offs for mince pies and warm milk as you go, as driving an open vehicle like this, at high altitude, in December, can lead to freezing of the beard. Save the brandy for when you get home though, eh? Never drink and sleigh…
Replacement wooden panels can be hard to track down, but you can of course, with a little patience, grow some new ones. And make sure you check the skis and the underside of the sleigh for any damage from bumping into chimneys.

Anything else?

Santa`s Sleigh 4Not really, only to say a very merry Christmas from all at Motorcheck, and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year to you all.
And when you’ve found your perfect Sleigh don’t forget to get it history checked by