Reckless Driving With Fatal Consequences

The latest figures for 2010 from An Garda Síochána show that there have been 68 traffic fatalities recorded up until 9am on May 11th. That's down 24 (26%) for the same period in 2009 when 92 people lost their lives on Irish roads.
Figures from the Road Safety Authority show that the number of Irish road deaths fell to 239 in 2009, the lowest level on record, down 40 from 2008.
The 239 who died consisted of 40 pedestrians, 7 cyclists, 128 drivers, 38 passengers and 27 bikers.

Provisional Fatal Collision Statistics 2010

Pedestrians: 22 40
Drivers: 32 128
Passengers: 11 38
Motorcyclists: 3 27
Pillion Passengers/Other: 0 0
Pedal Cyclists: 0 7
Total Year to Date: 68 239

While it's encouraging that the number of deaths is dropping, I'm sure you'll agree that even one life lost on the road is one too many. Reckless behavior behind the wheel continues to put other drivers and road users at serious risk.
Thankfully I have yet to witness the aftermath of a serious accident but I thought the real-life pictures below serve as a useful reminder of the terrible consequences that speeding or driving without due care can have.
Thanks to Gregg at Wrecked Exotics for putting this collection of images together and allowing Motorcheck the opportunity to republish them here.

2004 Ferrari 360 Modena
2008 Audi TT
2006 Ferrari F430
2004 Ferrari Enzo