BMW in the Firing Line

Many leasing companies and those trading in BMW cars would often refer to the brand as 'bullet proof', the context normally referring to their reliability and strong residual values. There is however, another more practical side to the description...
Fans of the luxury car manufacturer would have noticed the brand amongst the security detail assigned to transport Queen Elizabeth and President Obama on their recent visits to Ireland.
Whilst the cars responsible for transporting the likes of David Cameron and President McAleese looked like normal BMW's they were actually products of a specialised line of 'High Security' vehicles manufactured by BMW for those of us that require more than remote central locking.
Austin Behan of BMW Ireland took some time to show me a High Security X-5, one of the vehicles used in the recent VIP visits before it returned to active duty in the UK.
Austin Behan shows Motorcheck an X5 High Security