Citroen Nemo Fails Which?Car 'ELK' Test

Check out the following video from UK Consumer Rights Campaigner 'Which?Car'. It illustrates in graphic detail why Motorcheck believes safety features should be exempt from VRT and VAT.
Which?Car performed the moose test or elk test (a test that determines how a vehicle acts when the driver evades a suddenly appearing obstacle) on the new Citroen Nemo with devastating results, whereas the virtually identical Fiat Qubo MPV fitted with stability control passed through the manoeuvre at a higher speed (56mph) without incident.
The fact that Electronic Stability Control or 'ESC' as it's known is not available as an option on the Nemo is something the manufacturer may reconsider following the results of this test. However, we believe Government has a part to play in looking at tax incentives that will make critical safety features such as 'ESC' standard on all new cars.
It's also worth noting that the Nemo did receive a three star NCAP rating in one of the agencies new tougher 2010 tests which doesn't include an 'ELK' test.

The 'ELK' test was responsible in 1997 for introducing changes to the manufacture of Mercedes Benz's A Class when journalist Robert Collin from the motor magazine Teknikens Värld toppled the car during a test.