Want to Impress Your Neighbours?

A German firm called "Style Your Garage" - creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if it's actually showing the interior of your garage, and what's in it!
The company has brought cult brands like Harley-Davidson and MINI on board for a cooperation called sponsored motifs. There are loads of real-life examples on the company website.
Worringly, the company also offers a 'personal motif' service. If you send them a picture of your family or a holiday snapshot they'll turn it into a customised photo tarpaulin for your garage door.
No doubt the media moguls amongst you will be thinking up all kinds of uses but here are a couple of our favourites from the site.

To view all the vehicles click here. Have you got an interesting idea for a garage door? Let us know below.

Pat Comerford - April 23, 2010 at 1:52 pm
Can you show a John Deere Combine Harvester? Could you also show a John Deere tractor as if it's coming out through a wall half exposed? I am a John Deere Dealer in rep of Ireland Comerfords Garage Ltd
Shane Teskey - April 23, 2010 at 4:27 pm
Hi Pat, I've passed on your request to the folks at 'Style-your-garage.com'. If they have stock images for John Deere products I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. The tractor coming through the wall would be great!