Frozen Windscreen's a Thing of the Past?

Most of our trade customers will know the company National Vehicle Distribution or 'NVD' very well. The company has over 100 car transporters on the road in Ireland and accounts for over 70% of all new car movements in the country.
Unfortunately we don't see them as often as we'd like now that new car sales have shrunk to just under 90,000 but you don't have to be a major car dealer to use NVD. They were just as happy to take my 1973 Mercedes 280CE up to Donegal for some restoration work and bring it back to Ben at Lichtenberg classics in Enniskerry for some TLC under the hood.
Cian Royston, NVD's Sales Manger called into Motocheck HQ this week to tell us about the companies latest services and an exciting new device they have brought to the Irish market.
The 'Heatshot' is a heated winscreen wash system that clears ice, snow, grease, bird droppings and dead insects from the windscreen, whilst prolonging the life of your wiper blades. With predictions of a harsh winter around the corner it looks like the 'Heatshot' will be a on many a Christmas present list. My Merc will certainly be a client!

Introducing the 'Heatshot' from NVD

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To order one today

The Heatshot comes supplied and fitted at €250 per unit. You can find an approved 'Heatshot' dealer on the NVD website. Mention when you're ordering and you might manage to shave a euro or two off the price.