Meet Qashqai's Little Brother

Nissan's new crossover (and small brother to the Qashqai), the Juke, went on sale this month and I headed over to Hutton & Meade in Blanchardstown to get the rundown.
Built across the water in Sunderland availability for the Juke is expected to be as little as two weeks from date of order and Nissan are confident that Mini customers will be given something to think about when the time comes to change.
In this video Nigel Brennan, General Manager, tells me why he has high expectations for the 'Juke' which he believes could reverse the current trend of diesel over petrol. If you would like to arrange a test drive (or place an order) Nigel's available at 01-8366000.


Car Price CO2 Band Annual Road Tax
1.6 litre Petrol XE €18,195.00 138 B €156.00
1.6 litre petrol SV €19,495.00 1.38 B €156.00
1.6 litre petrol Sport €19,995.00 138 B €156.00
1.6L Direct Injection Petrol Turbo Engine Sport €23,995.00 159 D €447.00
1.6 litre petrol SV CVT €22,395.00 145 C €302.00
1.6 litre petrol Sport CVT €22,895.00 145 C €302.00
1.5 litre turbodiesel dCi XE €20,195.00 134 B €156.00
1.5 litre turbodiesel dCi SV €21,495.00 134 B €156.00
1.5 litre turbodiesel dCi Sport €21,995.00 134 B €156.00
Michael Aherne - October 01, 2010 at 11:10 am
Well done Joe and Jonathan. You have come a long way since your days on the Naas Road. Michael
InStyler - October 05, 2010 at 3:29 pm
Very nice. I wonder if this really will be the diesel over petrol car. A lot of other vehicles have tried that but failed. It looks like Nissan did a nice job with this one though.