MotorCheck study on UK Write-offs featured on RTE's Prime Time

The research focused on vehicles that had been imported to Ireland from the UK and found more than 39,000 of these imports had been written off and sold as salvage

More worrying was that a number of these written off and badly damaged vehicles do not appear on the UK Insurer database of Write-Offs. However checking these vehicles with MotorCheck uncovers the true nature of the vehicle's past. For a limited time we are offering the chance to check free of charge if your vehicle was one of the written-off UK imports involved in the study.

To check if your vehicle was one of the write-offs identified in the study click here.

You can also choose to get further details by purchasing a History Check from MotorCheck at only €9.99*. This type of check normally costs €20.00 but please note the discount will be available for a limited time only.

(* PLEASE NOTE: This special offer will end on 1st June 2022 and the cost of the check will revert back to normal after this date)

If you have not seen the Prime Time episode which aired on 19th April 2022 you can view it here.

Full details of the research study can also be viewed here.

MotorCheck featured on RTE's Prime Time on 19th April 2022

Click to see the research study details