Renault Dealers On Top With 286 Sales Per Dealer

There's been a lot of press about the rise in new car sales this year but with the recent closure of two large dealerships I thought we might take a closer look from the individual dealer's perspective.
The point was raised on Today FM's 'The Last Word' last week when we looked at the performance of the Irish scrappage scheme. Alan Nolan of SIMI agreed with me that the current trading conditions are 'fragile' at best (you can click on the link below to listen to the piece) so I've taken the total number of new cars sold and averaged it across the number of dealers each brand has (or had for the period).
Fig 1. below shows a selection of brands operating in the Republic and the total number of sales (descending) on a 'per dealer' basis.
It's pretty obvious from the table that Renault dealers are flying at the moment. The brand has a 19% share of scrappage sales (1,669) putting it in first position above Ford with (1,218) units.

Fig 1. New Car Sales Per Dealer (Jan/10 - July/10)

# Make Registrations Dealers Average Sales (Per Dealer)
1 RENAULT 6,584 23 286
2 VOLKSWAGEN 8,190 40 200
3 SKODA 3,842 22 183
4 TOYOTA 8,405 52 162
5 FORD 9,359 58 156
6 OPEL 5,190 42 124
7 AUDI 2,321 22 106
8 NISSAN 4,601 50 88
9 HYUNDAI 2,400 32 73
10 PEUGEOT 2,476 33 69
Source – Car Index

To learn more about Renault's sales this year you can view the complete breakdown here.

Bob Flavin - August 06, 2010 at 1:31 pm
Renault are doing very well alright, but the really interesting this is how well Skoda are doing, with VW in second and Audi in 7th the VW group must be very happy.