Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Irish Launch

I was on Stephen's Green this afternoon for a fleet presentation of Alfa Romeo's new 'Giulietta' (pronounced 'Julie-Etta'). Replacing the popular 147 model the Giulietta will be Alfa's new representative in the C Segment - a very important part of the market for fleet and consumer buyers alike.
Alfa Romeo LogoThe Giulietta is an integral part of Alfa Romeo's history and Michael Willis, Fleet Executive for the brand in Ireland started his presentation by introducing us to the history of the iconic Alfa Romeo logo.
The left side of the Alfa Romeo roundel depicts the emblem of the city of Milan whereas the right side depicts the 'Biscione' - the heraldic emblem of the powerful Visconti family who once ruled Milan.

The Car

Cyril McCabe, Fleet Director for Alfa Romeo talked me through the car that was recently awarded the title of the safest Euro NCAP rated compact ever!


Download the Alfa Romeo price list here

Further Reading

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Paddy Comyn - September 28, 2010 at 11:54 pm
Hiya Shane Here is our review
Louise May - November 30, 2010 at 11:04 am
This looks like a fantastic car for sure. My personal favorite is the Alfa 159. To me this more family friendly as it is a saloon rather than a hatchback. I have not seen many of them about so I would be interested in some video footage.